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About Baker Lake

Baker Lake, or Qamani'tuaq, is the 4th largest community in Nunavut. With a population greater than 2069 (2016 census).


Situated inland at the mouth of the Thelon River, close to the geographic centre of Canada. In the Kivalliq Region of the Nunavut Territory, Baker Lake is located 320 km inland from the west coast of the Hudson Bay.

Well known for its arts and craft community, Baker lake has distinguished artists and studios promoting arts and crafts, such as the Inuit Heritage Centre and the Jessie Oonark Centre.

Its huge natural resource industry also has a significant impact on the economic development of Baker Lake. The Development of the Meadowbank gold mine has already created numerous local jobs.

Quick Facts

  • Population: >2069

  • Average age: 28.2

  • # of housing units: 580

  • Schools: 2 in total (1 Elementary, & 1 High School)

  • Post secondary institutions: 1 (Nunavut Arctic College)

  • Day cares: 1

  • Gas stations: 1

  • Airports: 1 public

  • Banks: First Nations Bank of Canada located at the local Co-op (867-793-4540)

  • Average housing price: $260,936

  • Average people per household: 3.6 

  • Average Income per individual: $44,279

  • Cost of gas in April 2019: $1.10/L

  • Average cost of a plane ticket to Winnipeg: $

  • Average cost of 2 L of Milk: $

  • Alcohol: Unrestricted (Controlled by Territorial Liquor Act)

  • Taxis: Yes 

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Climate Data

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