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The Baker Lake Community Energy Plan

What is the Community Energy Plan?

Our goal is to make our community stronger and more sustainable by building and using our own locally owned energy resources. 


The Baker Lake Community Energy Plan is a detailed guide to help Baker Lake become more energy independent. To utilize green energy to produce clean power. By doing this, we will provide local economic opportunity, and help protect our environment.

Community Vision

Our vision is clear: Baker Lake will develop its own clean energy resources while honoring Inuit Societal Values, ensuring responsible stewardship of the environment, and enhancing local economic development and job creation through direct community ownership of renewable energy infrastructure.

Why is this Plan Important?

  1. Local Benefits: The clean energy projects will create economic opportunity, jobs for local people, and help our community grow.

  2. Environmental Stewardship: By using clean energy, we will reduce pollution and take care of our land and water.

  3. Energy Independence: We want to rely less on imported fuels like diesel and more on energy we produce ourselves.

Key Parts of the Plan

  1. Community Involvement

    • This plan was developed by Baker Lake with input from Baker Lake residents. Your ideas and feedback are what shaped this plan.

    • We will continue to keep you informed and involved every step of the way.

  2. Clean Energy Projects

    • Solar and Wind Projects: We have great potential to harness solar and wind energy, especially during the summer when the sun is always shining.

    • Hydroelectric Project: We will explore using our rivers to generate electricity.

    • Green Hydrogen Production: We will look into producing hydrogen from our excess renewable energy, which can be used as a clean fuel.

  3. Building Upgrades and Energy Efficiency

    • We will upgrade municipal buildings to make them more energy efficient. This includes better insulation, windows, and heating systems.

    • These upgrades will reduce our energy use and save money in the long run.

  4. Training and Education

    • We will provide training for local residents to work in clean energy jobs.

    • Community-wide education programs will help everyone understand the benefits of renewable energy and how we can all contribute.

  5. Economic Development

    • By promoting clean energy and our Inuit cultural heritage, we aim to attract eco-tourism, bringing more visitors and boosting our local economy.

How Will We Achieve This?

  1. Phased Implementation:

    • We will start with smaller projects and gradually move to larger ones as we build our expertise and secure funding.

    • Our first steps include hiring a Climate Action Coordinator to lead these initiatives and securing funding for our projects.

  2. Funding and Support

    • We will seek support from federal and territorial governments to fund our clean energy projects.

    • Partnerships with organizations like the Arctic Renewable Society will help us achieve our goals.

Please find a copy of our community energy plan below:


Baker Lake is already known to be the cleanest community in Nunavut, and we plan to keep it that way through the development of our clean energy projects and infrastructure.

Together, we can make Baker Lake a leader in clean energy, own our own energy infrastructure, and create a better future for all of us.

Kevin Iksiktaaryuk, Mayor

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